Monday, May 12, 2008


So I'm officially done with working in the cafeteria. I'm a little bit sad in that I wont be able to see my friends as often. Working in the radiology department is down in the basement and if I'm not down there then I'm out on the floor moving patients. I am glad to be leaving right before summer. There is a really nice patio and grill set up out side. I can only imagine how busy its going to be during the summer. It was starting to get busy before I left with all the shakes, ice cream and smoothies I had to make! I seriously went though like 3, 5 Gallon tubs in a day! its ridiculous! Spring semester is over and I actually did really well in my class! I am taking a math class during the summer then I only have 2 more classes to take in the fall. Then I can apply to the Radiology Program. I will be picking up more hours in the Radiology department to help save up for my new Charger. I'm so excited to get one! In a few more weeks my friends and I are all taking a nice long road trip down to St. George then down to Vegas! I'm very much looking forward to it since I haven't had a vacation in a couples of years.

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