Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Exciting Day in the E.R.

So today I had the first opportunity to work in the E.R. transporting patients. I have to say it was quite an interesting experience. I was really scared at first because I hadn't worked in the E.R. before and I didn't know my way around. After the first patient I was fine. I actually like it more then my usual routine. I didn't see anything too out of the normal and there were no trauma cases that came in. Everyone I moved to the X-Ray department was really nice. They knew I was there to help them. I'm not a nurse so I technically can't give them any medications or anything like that. The only thing that I have going for me is my warm smile, my friendly personality, and a reassurance that everything will be OK. I will be working there tomorrow and am looking forward to it.

Oh one thing I forgot to mention, a certain someone had lunch with me today.

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